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Parker – Our Journey Till Now…

PARKER SHIRTS & TROUSERS was established by Mr. Shrikant Joshi & Mr. Virendra Joshi in the year 1989 in Pune. It is engaged in the manufacture of shirts and trousers for men and caters specifically to the middle class urban and semi urban male. The aim of the Company is to dress the common working man in good quality apparel that renders style at prices that are well within his means. Today Parker brand is manufactured in five production units and sold through 30 exclusive outlets in and around Maharashtra.
Keeping in view the man of modest means, Parker opened their first outlet in Pune way back in the start of the 90s. Well tailored menswear made from good quality cotton fabric was offered at prices that were extremely competitive. No wonder, the product got a very robust response. It helped us gain a large market share and establish our presence in Pune. Within a year the second mega outlet was inaugurated in the heart of Pune’s retail market – Laxmi Road. delightfully affordable prices gained customer loyalty for brand Parker and encouraged us to spread our presence across Maharashtra. Towards 50 Outlets In Maharashtra.


Business Policy


With a well defined customer segment and a clear objective of offering high quality at prices that defy it, we base our business practices on the following – Using quality raw material from renowned vendors like Arvind Mills, Gems textiles, Century Mills etc. Providing hassle free replacements in case of any defects even after wash.Selling products at consistent rates across all the outlets.


To become the top brand in menswear for the man of modest means in India, by spreading into the far corners of the country and helping him upgrade his style and confidence quotient.




To render impeccable quality, customer service and value for money to the common working Indian man, to establish presence across India and to prove that good quality can be made available at affordable price.

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